Art Director

"Skill and talent alone isn't enough, the hunger to learn and be the best is worth a lot more."

Being born a literal clone of another human being leads to an interesting life. My twin brother and I grew up practically jumping in front of each other trying to lead the other into new experiences and being the dominating twin.

Since we always had somebody to compete with and compare ourselves too, physically and mentally, it translated into our own self identities being blurred. The only way we could really draw a clear line in the ground between us as people, was our artistic endeavours.

Personally, I always drew inspiration from nature and physical activities. Understanding the mental clarity I get from being outdoors offers me a way to get over creative blocks, and to be a free thinker.

My personal mantra, formed from my experiences, reflects the perspective I approach everything in life;

Tienes que demostrar lo que vales.